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The story behind Le Yangyang and his Friends, the Official Mascots of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games

Updated:2017-04-30 15:02:13 Source: GAGOC

The Official Mascots of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games are Le Yangyang and his four friends, A Xiang, A He, A Ru and A Yi, each with their own character and style. Put together, their names make the Chinese phrase, Xiang He Ru Yi Le Yangyang - which means Peace, Harmony and Great Happiness, with everything going as you wish. This fully expresses the people of Guangzhou’s hope that the 16th Asian Games brings luck, harmony, joy, success and great happiness to all the people of Asia. Today, Le Yangyang is extending a sincere invitation to all: Guangzhou Welcomes You!

A Xiang is a handsome, stylish, sincere and brave goat who wears the blue of the blue ring of the Olympic Flag. A Xiang represents the ever-running Pearl River and the gentle and kind character and broad and welcoming heart, of the Guangzhou people. The Pearl River, carrying the hearts of the Chinese and the passion of the Asian people, spreads love and smiles, in a wish for everlasting peace and friendship.

A He is an earthy, modest, serene and decisive goat, dressed in the black of the black ring of the Olympic Flag. A He symbolizes the grand heritage and long history of the Lingnan culture. The hardworking, enterprising people of Guangzhou carry on the Lingnan values of practicality, cooperation and openness, embodying the spirit of the villagers in the legend of the five goats of Guangzhou - the story of Guangzhou’s founding - through their wisdom and sweat.

A Ru is beautiful, fashionable, smart and passionate, and wears the red of the red ring of the Olympic Flag, and symbolizes the red kapok, the flower for which Guangzhou, also known as The City of Flowers, is famous for. The beautiful flower city of Guangzhou has witnessed the celebration of many great events over the years, all of which were passionately supported by its people. And now, the people of Guangzhou are brimming with enthusiasm and feeling passionate once again, as they come out in support of the 16th Asian Games.

Little A Yi is a nifty, cute, lively and outgoing goat who dresses in the green of the green ring of the Olympic Flag. Her elegance and good temperament symbolize the city’s famous Baiyun Mountains. A Yi enjoys sports and life and is full of optimism and has dreams for the future, just like Guangzhou. Guangzhou, at the same time an ancient and young city, is bursting with new ideas and charm.

Le Yangyang is the tall, handsome, sunny and confident leader of the team, who wears the yellow of the yellow ring of the Olympic Flag. Yellow is also the color of rice ear, for which Guangzhou, also called The City of Rice Ears, is also known. The name, which acknowledges the prosperity and abundance the city has enjoyed in its long history, is now a reminder of the importance the success of the 16th Asian Games has, in building the people of Asia’s confidence. Le Yangyang leads his four friends forward with a smile, just as the people of Guangzhou look forward to the arrival of the 16th Asian Games and work towards making Asia a better place, with a friendly smile and a positive attitude.

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