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Licensed products go on sale

Updated:2017-04-30 15:07:25 Source: GAGOC

Just two days after the launch of the Official Games Mascots, an elaborate series of Mascot-related products, produced by manufacturers licensed by GAGOC, went on sale, on April 28. The licensed products are expected to meet the huge demand for a souvenir-hungry public, both locally and overseas.

The over 100 different Mascot-themed products available can be grouped into five categories, including metal souvenirs, plush toys, badges, clothes and bags. They will be on sale at major shopping centers around town, including Teem Mall, China Plaza, Grand View Plaza and Panyu Friendship Store, as well as many outlets especially set up to sell Games merchandise. More details about outlets and the sales network can be found on the Official Website www.gz2010.cn or by calling the service hotline 400-882-2010.

GAGOC wishes to remind consumers that all 16th Asian Games licensed products are protected by copyright.

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