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Athletics is the "Mother of Sports". It is an official Competition sport both on the 1st Olympic and Asian Games. Athletic events can be split into four parts: track, field, road, and combined events.

Track events are running races that take place on a 400m outdoor track in the main stadium. The athletes shall be placed in the order in which any part of their bodies (i.e., torso, as distinguished from the head, neck, arms, legs, hands or feet) reaches the vertical plane of the nearer edge of the finish line.

Field events are throwing and jumping competitions that usually take place inside the track. Except for the fouls, the performance of each trial will be regarded as the valid jumping in all horizontal jumping field events. Except for the fouls, the height the athletes have jumped over in each trial will be regarded as valid in the high jump and pole vault. In all throwing events, if the apparatuses fall into the landing area completely (not including the sideline of the landing area), it will be regarded as valid throwing.

Road events are long running and walking races that take place on public roads, while they often finish on the track inside the stadium.

Combined events feature a selection of track and field events that take place over two days and are designed to find the best all-round athlete, such as the decathlon and the heptathlon. In the combined events competition, the winner shall be the athlete who has obtained the highest total points.

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