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Modern boxing began in England. Modern amateur boxing made its debut on the Olympic programme during the 1904 Olympic Games in Saint Louis, and it entered into the 2nd Asian Games in 1954 in Manila.

Competitors shall box in light boots or shoes (without spikes or heels), socks, shorts (not to exceed knee length), and a vest covering the chest and back.

The gloves shall weigh 10 ounces (284 grams) of which the leather portion shall not weigh more than half of the total weight, and the padding portion shall not weigh less than half of the total weight. The regular hitting surface must be marked on the gloves with a clearly discernible white color.

For all AIBA Approved Events, the competition ring should be 6.10 m square inside the line of the ropes. The size of the apron is 85 cm from the ropes on each side. The platform shall be safely constructed, leveled and free from any obstructing projections and shall extend for at least 46 cm (18 inches) outside the line of the ropes. It shall be fitted with four corner posts which shall be well padded or otherwise constructed so as to prevent injury to the boxers.

From January 1, 2009, in all AIBA approved Men Elite Competitions, the bouts shall consist of three rounds of three minutes each. For all above listed events, the rest time between rounds is one minute. The AIBA Scoring System (AIBA SS) shall be used in all AIBA Approved Events.

During each round, a Judge shall assess the respective scores of each boxer according to the number of hits obtained by each. Each hit to have scoring value must, without being blocked or guarded, land directly with the knuckle part of the closed glove of either hand on any part of the front or sides of the head or body above the belt. Swings landing as above described are scoring hits.

The value of hits scored in a rally of infighting shall be assessed at the end of such rally and shall be credited to the boxer who has had the better of the exchanges according to the degree of his superiority.

The awarding of points shall follow the principles: one point for every correct hit. Scoring points are when at least three (3) of the five (5) Judges simultaneously record a punch that in their opinion has been delivered correctly on the ‘target area’. After the Referee has said “ten” and the word “out”, the bout ends and shall be decided as a "knockout".

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