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Judo originated in Japan. The first world Judo competition took place in Japan in 1956. Judo became an Olympic sport for men in the 1964 Tokyo Games, and women’s Judo became an official competition sport in 1992, the 25th Olympics. Judo was first introduced to the 10th Asian Games in 1986, Seoul.

The competition area (or tatami) is square, with the touch line 14-16m long, usually in green. It is comprised of vinyl-covered floor or platform. The platform is made of solid and resilient wood, with the edge line about 18m long and 0.5m high. The competition area consists of the contest area with the length 8-10m, and the danger area, approximately 1m wide in red. Outside the danger area is the safety area and shall be 3m wide (2.5m at least). On the centre of the competition area, there are 2 tapes, one in red and one in white, with 25cm /50cm long, 6cm /10cm wide. The 2 tapes keep a distance of 4m.

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