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Triathlon was invented by the San Diego Track Club in the early 1970s for long distance training. People called this multi-sport "Triathlon", which requires the athletes to finish swimming, cycling and running consecutively, and represents the athletes' challenging spirits on energy, speed and skill.

Triathlon made its Olympic debut in 2000 Sydney, and in the 14th Bussan Asian Games, it became an official sport for Asian Games.

The triathlon in Asian Games adopts the Olympic distance: 1.5km swimming, 40km cycling, and 10km running.

Swimming shall be carried out on the expansive river/lake or sea. The swimming course can be laid out into rectangle or triangle type with buoys on the river. The start and finish lines would be at the same place. Swimming start can adopt the ways of diving into the water from the dock or running into the water from the island.

The surface of the course of cycling should be flat with a minimum of 5m wide. The course includes slope and curving road with certain technical difficulties. 180°returns and crossway shall be avoided.

The road or running should be flat and the width of the course cannot be shorter than 3m, without crossway. And it should be closed to other vehicles. Along the whole distance of this segment, there shall be obvious signs.

During the competition, the athletes should complete swimming, transition from swimming to cycling, transition from cycling to running, running to the finish line in compliance with the regulations.

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