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Olympic Council of Asia

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The Olympic Council of Asia was approved for formation in New Delhi, India during the Asian Games Federation (AGF) Council Meeting held on November 26, 1981, which was attended by duly accredited representatives of the affiliated Asian National Olympic Committees. One year later it was officially founded on December 5, 1982 in New Delhi during the IX Asian Games which were held there as the last games under the "AGF" umbrella.

Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah

At the assembly late Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah was elected the First OCA President. The OCA has replaced the AGF since.

The AGF was the determined dream of its founder, the Late Mr. G.S. Sondhi of India, to promote development of an Asian identity, in fact an Asian Unity through sports.

Despite initial setbacks it was formed on February 13, 1949 in New Delhi, where the delegates drafted a constitution. They decided to hold the Asian Games every four years, midway between the Olympic Games, and also agreed on the simple motto which was designed and proposed by Mr. Sondhi "Ever Onward" on top of an Orange Sun that represents the ever glimmering and warm spirit of the Asian people.

Later in early 1983, Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah added the five Olympic Rings on top of the original logo. The new logo is adopted as the official OCA Emblem. The Sun will be found in all Asian Games emblems in the future.

History of Asian Sports development

1st Oriental Olympics Manila, Philippines 1913

Six countries and regions participated in eight days, Philippines, Chinese Taipei, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

2nd Far East Championships up to 10th Far East Championships until 1934

11th Oriental Championships

The 11th OC was scheduled to be held in Tokyo, Japan in 1938. It was canceled because of the war.

1st West Asian Games, India 1934

Afghanistan, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), India and Palestine were participants.

2nd West Asian Games

Scheduled to be held in Tel Aviv (Israel) in 1938

Asian Sport leaders met in 1948 during

Formulation of (AGF)

Foundation of Olympic Council of Asia

Changing the policy of AGF

Established new and permanent organization for ensuring continues, development and stability of Asian Games

16-9-82 formation of the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)

Assumed Control of 9th Asian Games

Elected Shk. Fahad Al-Sabah as 1st OCA President

Elected Five Vice Presidents

36 members NOC's affiliated to OCA

OCA H.Q. in Kuwait with a permanent and official staff

Foundation of Asian Winter Games

Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah desire to create the Winter Asian Games

1st Asian Winter Games held in Sapporo (Japan)

OCA Crises

50 days before 11th Asian Games on 2nd of August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait

Assassination of Sheikh Fahad Al-Sabah late President of OCA

Loss of important documents related to Asian Sports history and movement

OCA H.Q. moved to UK. under the supervision of Director General Mr. Muttaleb Ahmad.

Suspension of Iraq NOC from OCA

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah

In the 18th General Assembly held in New Delhi in 1991 elected Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah as second President for the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA)

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