World's highest ferris wheel coming to Guangzhou

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The world's highest Ferris wheel is scheduled for construction atop Guangzhou's newly-built TV Broadcast Tower in Zhujiang New Town, according to the New TV Tower Construction Company. The project is set to become a major tourist attraction upon completion.

Guangzhou's new Ferris wheel will be built on an oblique track atop the new Guangzhou TV Broadcast Tower. (Guangzhou Daily)

Get a full view of Guangzhou next October

"It will take 20 to 40 minutes for the giant wheel to go around once," said staff from the construction company. "Citizens will be able to enjoy a full view of the city from the 450-meter tall skyscraper."

Installation of the wheel will be finished in February of 2010, followed by a test period to be carried out for six months. The wheel should be ready to welcome visitors by next October.

a virtual picture of the ferris wheel

The wheel's design consists of four main sections: the observation cabins, the track system, the boarding platform and the control system. Unique from other Ferris wheels, it will have 16 "crystal" observation cabins that will move on an oblique track, rather than being suspended like traditional Ferris wheels.

With a diameter of 3.2 meters, each cabin will carry four to six guests.

It will take 20 to 40 minutes for the giant wheel to go round one time. (Guangzhou Daily)

A safe experience

With its reliable "position fixing", 3.5-meter lightning rod and anti-declension facilities, the wheel is guaranteed safe in an M 8 earthquake or a 12 scale typhoon.

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