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The first organised swimming races did not take place until the 19th century, when The National Swimming Society of Great Britain was created in 1837 and began to conduct competitions. Three Mens Swimming events (100m, 500m and 1200m freestyle) were held in the first modern Olympic Games in Athens 1896. Swimming rule and World Records were made to promote and encourage the development of swimming throughout the world when The Federation Internationale de Natation (FINA) was formed during the London 1908 Olympic Games competition to act as a governing body for the sport. Womens swimming events became a regular part of the Olympic Games since 1912. Swimming Competition was included in the first Asia Games in New Delhi 1951.

The swimming pool for Olympic Games and Asia Games shall be 50m long, at least 25m wide and at least 2m deep. Swimming competition will be conducted in the eight central lanes of the pool. The lanes shall be at least 2.5m wide with 2 spaces of 2.5m wide outside of lanes 1 and 8.

The four competitive swimming strokes are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly during the Olympic Games and Asia Games.


Diving results are listed with those from the swimming events. Its origin begins at 20th century; in 1900 Swedish diver gave their numerous exhibitions on the 2nd Olympic Games. Mens Diving was contested at the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis. Women diver was first allowed to participate at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm. Until 1951, the Diving Competition has been the official competition Olympic sport with full rules. It was the official competitive sports since the 1st Asian Games in 1951.

The area of the diving pool is 25x25m, no less than 5.5m deep. The platform board is 10m over the water level, hard and non-flexible. According to FINA, the board shall be at least 6m long, 3m wide, with non-slip surface. The springboard is 3m flexible board over the water level. According to FINA, the board shall be at least 4.8m long, 0.5m wide, with non-slip surface.

The Diving Competition involves the platform and the springboard diving. All the divers shall finish the compulsory and the optional dive during the competition.

Water Polo

Water polo is one of the earliest team Olympic Sport. Men's water polo was played during 1900 Paris Olympics, while women's water polo made it is Olympic debut during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Water polo was an official competitive sport since the 1st Asian Games in 1951.

The field of the play is in a standard 50m swimming pool, with the depth of over 2m and the boundary to distinguish the field of play. The area of the field