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Sailing originated in Holland. Due to the low topography of the ancient Holland, people excavated many canals and used a small yacht to transport and go fishing. These small yacht were usually made of canoe, kayak or bamboo, this is the earliest yacht.

Sailing was added as an Olympic sport in 1896 Olympic Games, but was cancelled at last due to the bad weather. It was contested in 1900 Olympic Games in a combined event. Since 1988 Olympic Games, sailing was contested in both men and women's event. In the 6th Asian Games in Bangkok, sailing was an official sport, while it was cancelled in the 7th Asian Games. But in the 8th Asian Games in 1978, it entered into the Asian Games again and became an official sport since then.

Sailing race must be held in the wide sea, which is far from the seaside 0.5-2km. In the Olympics it is usually trapezia course (irregular quadrangle) or favorable (unfavorable)-wind course. With 11 rounds for the Sailing & Windsurfing race (49er class 16 rounds), the judge only choose the best 9 rounds' scores(49er class the best 14 rounds) among the first 10 rounds (49er class the first 15 rounds) as the final scores. When the body and equipment of the boat or any part of sailors bound all the signals and touch the finishing mark, then it is the end of the race.

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