Zhujiang New Town APM stops all Topped

Updated:2017-10-16 10:29:50 Source: english.gz.gov.cn

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Construction Commission, significant progress has been made on the new public transport Automated Passenger Mover (APM) of the Zhujiang New Town CBD. All the nine stations in the whole track have been topped-up and the eight principal sections of the main track have been joined. It is planned that the entire project will be fully operational before the start of the Asian Games of next year.

The entire track of the Zhujiang New Town APM, with a length of 3.49 km, was laid underground including nine stops, namely the Chigang Tower, Haixinsha, the Guangzhou Opera House, the Twin Towers, Central Square, Citizen's Square, Tianhe Nan 1 Lu, the Tianhe Sports Centre and Linhe Xi Lu.

The operational time of the APM is now planned to be from 6:00 am to 12:00 pm and it will run extra hours according to the need during special times, such as weekends, holidays and during major events.

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