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Chigang Pagoda

Updated:2017-11-04 16:10:32 Source: gz.gov.cn

Pagoda is extremely typical among the Buddhist monumental architecture, in ancient Canton. Besides the Flower Pagoda, there is a pair of famous pagodas in Guangzhou by the south bank of the Pearl River, namely, the Chigang Pagoda next to the Chigang Metro Station and the Pazhou Pagoda near the Pazhou Complex.

Chigang Pagoda

The nearly 400-year-old Chigang Pagoda was named after the area of its location, and it is said that the pagoda was built for good fortune. At each corner of the base is a stone Western-look giant lifting the pagoda, which is believed the witness of Sino-Western culture communications of China and the West. The scene in the picture was desolate and the pagoda looked ruined. Fortunately, the pagoda was best restored years ago and protected as a cultural relic.

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