Foshan's Folk Art Society

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As one of the four famous towns in ancient China, Foshan is renowned at home and abroad for its handicraft industry. It's said that the skillful folk art was stemming from Ming Dynasty, presenting colorful folk features.

Foshan's folk art has a wide range of features, of which including many techniques such as scissoring, carving, flapping, molding, binding, founding, painting and sticking, etc. Based on the above-mentioned techniques, dozens of artworks can be fabricated, of which including paper-cut, binding item, full dress light, "Autumn Scenery"(inclusive of paper model, scripture, carving, and founded statue, etc), New Year's xylograph and painting and calligraphy, etc. Foshan's folk arts are deeply enjoyed by the people for their decorative functions.

Foshan's Folk Art Society, founded in 1956, always opens up to the tourists, wherein traditional folk arts can be inherited and developed. Many heads of states, government delegations, Chinese leaders, famous scholars, personalities and artistic groups have made high appraisal of its artistic accomplishments.

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