Huang Feihong Memorial Hall and Kongfu Museum

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Huang Feihong Memorial Hall

Huang Feihong Memorial Hall is located in central Foshan city and in the north part of the Ancestral Temple (Zumiao Temple). The building is modeled after the wok-handle fire-walled house of the Qing Dynasty. It reproduces the style of folk residence and ancestral temple when Huang Feihong-the great martial master was alive. The building is divided into a show room, Huang Feihong Cinema, a hall for practicing Wushu, all of these represent the charism of the great master the life.

Huangfeihong Memorial Hall

Huangfeihong Memorial Hall

Huang Feihong Kongfu Museum

And there is also Huang FeihongKongfu Museum in Foshan. It is located at Huang Feihong's native residence--Luzhou village at the foot of Mount Xiqiao of Nanhia, with a total occupying area of 5.23 mu.

This Museum followed the architectural style of late Qing Dynasty, presenting a distinctive construction pattern. Huang Feihong Shiyi Wushu Museum was built in 1996, with the aim to carry forward Wushu and medical ethics of Huang Feihong. This Museum is divided into Huang's native residence, screen and video room for displaying Huang's activities, Baozhilin Dispensary, acupuncture and Tuina room, orthopaedics clinic, herbal medicine clinic, Guan Dexing memorial hall. The support facilities include the statue booth of "ten Wushu masters of Guangdong province" and Huang Feihong Park as well as traditional performances such as Gongfu, "dragon-playing" and "lion-playing", etc, which will be duly performed from 10:00am to 4:00pm. All these performances are attractive to many domestic and overseas tourists. In addition, there are Huang Feihong screen and video town, Huang Feihong Wushu school and Huang Feihong Wushu village.

Huangfeihong Kungfu Museum

Huangfeihong Kungfu Museum

More than 100 movies and teleplays concerning Huang Feihong have been filmed in Guangdong province, Hong Kong and Macao since half a century ago, of which including 77 movies and teleplays acted and filmed by Guan Dexing, a late well-known actor of Hong Kong. And, Wushu stars such as Li Lianjie and Zhao Wenzhuo, etc, have been Huang's image-builders for showing his elegant demeanor again. As a revered Wushu master, Huang Feihong is well-known all over the world.

Introduction: Huang Feihong (akaWong Fei-hung) is one of the most revered folk heroes in China, particularly among residents of Guangdong Province and Hong Kong where he came to be immortalised on screen more often than any other historical figure in the world. Although he died long before his fame spread into the film arena and elsewhere, this figure has come to epitomise the ideal Chinese hero.

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