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Baseball - the most popular sport in Japan

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No other country could like baseball so much as Japan. Among all the other sports, this is the most popular sport in Japan. Yakyu, as baseball is called in Japanese, was introduced from the United States during the early Meiji Period. It came from US, but its popularity in Japan is much higher than that in US.

Baseball has gained a high popularity in Japan. (Gallery)

There are two professional baseball leagues in Japan: the Central League and the Pacific League, each consisting of six teams. Games are broadcast live on television during the season. Furthermore, there is a large number of university and high school baseball teams. The finals of the high school baseball tournaments, in particular, are very popular and are broadcast nationwide.

Several Japanese players are playing highly successful careers in the American Major Leagues and enjoy great popularity and media coverage in Japan. Their games are often broadcast on television with special highlights of the Japanese players.

Even though Japan is not a traditonal great power of baseball in the world, but in Asian it has won a leading position.

Japanese baseball team wins the second World Baseball Classic, and the coach holds up the cup with thrill. This is the first time for the Japanese baseball team to win an international tournament. (Gallery)

In the second World Baseball Classic, which is an international tournatment founded after baseball was banned from Olympic Games, Japan has won the first place and showed its power and love for baseball.

In Olympic Games, Japan has won one silver, two bronzes, and once listed as the fourth.

And in Baseball World Cup, Japan has won one silver and five bronzes,and had held the 26th World Baseball Championships.

In Tokyo Dome, which is the first foofed baseball domed stadium in Japan, there is a museum special for baseball.

Exhibitions in the museum (Gallery)

Japanese has included baseball as part of their lives. Whenever it comes to the baseball seasons, especially when Giants meets Tigers, almost the whole nation while begin exciting.

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