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Huang Xu trusts new Gymnastics captain Chen Yibing

Updated:2017-03-24 11:35:39 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, March 24 - Huang Xu, former Captain of the Chinese men's gymnastics team and a representative of the "Diamond Generation", showed his trust in new Captain Chen Yibing. He believes Chen can lead the team to open up a brighter future and is optimistic about their prospect at the upcoming Guangzhou Asian Games.

Huang Xu at a recent interview with the Official Website of the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games in Nanjing

Huang Xu in competition

Huang Xu and his newly-married wife, Fan Wen accepted an interview with the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games in Nanjing University. During the interview, Huang Xu said forthrightly, "Though I have retired from the team, I will keep close attention on its competitions. I have confidence in the team, believing my teammates can perform well."

Huang Xu's wife Fan Wen

After the Beijing Olympic Games, with the successive retirement of Huang Xu, Yang Wei and Li Xiaopeng, etc., people began to worry about the Chinese men's gymnastics' temporary shortage. Regarding of that, Huang Xu answered, "Actually, this kind of worry is unnecessary, athletes like Chen Yibing, Xiao Qing and Zou Kai are absolutely top ones, and Chinese men's gymnastics is still quite competent." Especially referring to the new captain, Chen Yibing, Huang believes that he can lead the Chinese men's gymnastics team to continue the success.

New Captain Chen Yibing

As a retired veteran athlete, Huang initiated his attach to the Asian Games in 1998, when he gained the team and individual all-around gold medals lat the 13th Asian Games held in Bangkok. Four years later, at the Busan Asian Games, having already been crowned at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Huang faced the Asian Game with more confident and less pressure, snatching three gold medals of team, rings, and parallel bars in a row.

In 2008, Huang had led his fellow teammates in winning team championship and bringing about a glory of harvesting eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympic Games. He thinks the team gold medal as highly as other ones. Even Huang Yubin, head coach of the Chinese gymnastics team, complimented Huang Xu's team as the "Diamond Generation" several times.

(Ding Mao)

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