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Sailing TD Pryke lists benefits of test event

Updated:2017-03-24 12:01:34 Source: ocasia.org

Shanwei, March 23 - Test events ahead of a major multi-sport games serve a number of purposes, and one of the most important is the people. This was the view of Mark Pryke, Technical Director of the ongoing 14th Asian Sailing Championship in Shanwei and also for the upcoming 16th Asian Games sailing competition at the same venue in November.

Sailing TD Pryke lists benefits of test event

Speaking on the first day of competition on Tuesday, the Australian said the high-profile Asian regatta would lead to a successful Asian Games later this year.

"Although this is the Asian Sailing Championships and held every two years, in the year of the Asian Games it's used as a test event so it's held in the same venue and with by and large the same people," he said.

"There may be some small changes, but the thing about a test event it gives you an opportunity to not only test the event, the site, the venue, the facilities but also all the people. We expect to have almost the same people here again doing the same as they are doing now. If that happens it will be a good event."

An experienced sailing official in the Asian Games, Asian Beach Games, SEA Games and Asian Sailing Championship, Pryke said it was evident from the first day in Shanwei that the event would run smoothly from a technical point of view.

"We went out yesterday (Monday) for a practice race and it was quite clear that the Chinese know what they are doing. They are open and receptive to ideas and they are doing a good job."

Asked if he thought Shanwei could repeat the success of Doha in the 2006 Asian Games, Pryke - an international judge, race officer and instructor - replied: "I think they will do every bit as good. There is no reason to suspect they won't."

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