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Asian Sailing Championship enjoys smooth media operations

Updated:2017-04-05 14:57:55 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, April 5 - During the 14th Asian Sailing Championship at the Guangdong Ocean Sports Training Centre in Shanwei from March 20 to 29, the Broadcasting & Media Services Department of the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC) worked closely with the event's organisers to provide the media with a range of services.

Meanwhile, the department did filming and photography testing from media boats and unmanned aircraft, which proved to be satisfactory. The experience will benefit the broadcasting of Sailing competitions at the Asian Games this November.

Two cameramen on a media boat (Gallery)

A view of the venue from above (Gallery)

The 14th Asian Sailing Championship was a Test Event for the Guangzhou Asian Games and Shanwei is a co-host city of the forthcoming gala.

The Championship attracted 237 sailors from 14 countries and regions such as China, Hong Kong (China), Japan, the Republic of Korea and Pakistan, 229 judges and 81 person-times of journalists from 12 domestic and overseas media organisations. GAGOC sent a work team to take part in the operation of the venue media centre.

(Broadcasting & Media Services Department, GAGOC)

(Wang Lei)

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