Shanwei to build China's largest offshore wind farm

Updated:2017-05-11 14:45:35 Source: People's Daily

China's largest offshore wind farm is planned to be built near Lufeng in Shanwei city of Guangdong Province, according to China News Service (CNS) on Thursday (May 6).

Blueprint of the offshore wind farmnear Lufeng of Shanwei

The offshore wind farm will involve investments of around 20 billion yuan, have an installed capacity of 1.25 million kilowatts and cover a sea area of 240 square kilometres.

After its completion, it will become China's largest offshore wind farm and demonstration base.

Blueprint of the offshore wind farm in Lufeng of Shanwei.

Located along the coastal area of Shanwei city, eastern Guangdong, Lufeng offshore wind farm is subtropical marine monsoon climate. The steady wind speed and direction here can produce good wind resources.

Usage of offshore wind power is very popular in European countries. The wind power industry in China also saw rapid increase in recent years. By the end of 2008, the wind power installed capacity reached 1.127 million kilowatts, ranking fourth in the world.

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