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RMB15 billion poured into major Asian Games projects

Updated:2017-07-03 14:45:14 Source: english.gz.gov.cn

The Asian Games Town and 40 municiple-level Asian Games venues across Guangzhou (not including the two in the Asian Games Town) have an estimated total investment in excess of RMB15 billion, revealed Chen Jiameng, Party Secretary of the Guangzhou Administration Office of Major Public Construction Projects, on June 30 at a conference marking the 89th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

The Guangzhou Administration Office of Major Public Construction Projects handles 60.8 per cent of the projects for the Asian Games. The Asian Games projects under the office's responsibility account for 86.5 per cent of the total investment in the Games.

The office began undertaking the construction of the Asian Games Town and municiple-level Asian Games venues in 2007. Construction of these projects is wrapping up. Most projects have been completed, except the Guangzhou Asian Games Stadium, scheduled for completion by the end of August. These facilities have been handed over the Guangzhou Asian Games organisers for test runs.

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