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World press organisation helps to promote the Games

Updated:2017-07-22 17:22:32 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, July 22 - The Asian Games media services bound into the final preparation phase as the Second World Press Briefing of the 16th Asian Games kicked off on July 22. The four-day event attracted more than 200 journalists for attendance, among whom some were from global media besides media friends from local and regional press organisations.

Ms Sheila Scott Hula, Publisher from Around The Rings.com, shared some ideas with the Official Website of the Guangzhou Asian Games during the event.

As it was the first time for her to take part in the World Press Briefings of the Games, she was totally impressed by the high quality preparations in advance of the November 12 - 27 Games.

"English skills of presenters are so good that it is pretty easy for us to follow," added she.

She described that the whole event has been well-organised and the organiser has been doing fairly well at sticking to the schedule of the four-day event.

When speaking about the reason to cover the Second World Press Briefing and the Games, she said the Guangzhou Asian Games is definitely an important sporting event for the world and her agency should spare no effort to promote it in the international arena.

(Zhu Runfang)

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