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Updates on preparations in three co-host cities

Updated:2017-07-28 15:29:02 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, July 27 - Senior officials of Foshan, Dongguan and Shanwei attended a press conference at the headquarters of the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC) on Tuesday (July 27) and briefed the media about the three co-host cities' preparations for the 2010 Asian Games.

Senior officials of Foshan, Dongguan and Shanwei attend a press conference at GAGOC headquarters on Tuesday (July 27).


Wu Daowen, Vice Mayor of Dongguan, said the renovation of Dongguan Gymnasium had finished on December 5, 2009 and that the venue's competition, information, air-conditioning, lighting, acoustic, fire control and security systems as well as functional rooms have met Asian Games standards.

Work in Dongguan entered the venuisation stage in early 2010. In January, the Asian Games Coordination Committee of Dongguan set up an operation team for Dongguan Gymnasium.

Moreover, Dongguan is speeding up preparations in terms of security, medical services, media, catering and volunteering for the Games.


Liu Xiaojing, Vice Mayor of Shanwei, told reporters that Shanwei had successfully held the 14th Asian Sailing Championship in March this year as an important test event for the Asian Games.

Sailors train at Guangdong Ocean Sports Training Centre in Shanwei.

Currently, Shanwei is busy with final renovations of the Asian Games venue, the hire and purchase of competition facilities, improvement of supporting facilities across the city, finalisation of Games-time plans for catering, reception, transport and spectators and arrangement of visual elements at the venue.


According to Tang Jianjun, Deputy Secretary General of Foshan Municipal Government, Foshan has established coordination teams with tasks in six areas: press and publicity, foreign and port affairs, environmental protection and transport, health and food security and Torch Relay; it has also formed venue operation teams for Boxing and Synchronised Swimming.

The upgrade of security, fire control, information and broadcasting facilities in Foshan Shijilian Aquatics Centre and Foshan Lingnan Mingzhu Gymnasium is going well and will complete at the end of September.

Foshan is also making great efforts in environmental protection and the integration of its public transport systems with Guangzhou's.

During the 16th Asian Games, Dongguan will host Weightlifting competitions with 15 Gold medals, Shanwei will host Sailing competitions with 14 available Gold medals, and Foshan will host Boxing and Synchronised Swimming competitions with 11 and three Gold medals respectively up for grabs.

(Wang Lei)

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