Guangzhou's new television tower named Canton Tower

Updated:2017-09-30 09:28:12 Source:

The name of Guangzhou's new television and sightseeing tower was finally unveiled yesterday (September 28) at a press conference. The 600-metre tower shall be called "Canton Tower" not "Haixin Tower" as was previously expected.

The tower shall open on October 1 although visitors shall only be able to go as high as the 84th floor (433 metres) until the facilities on the sightseeing platforms are completed. Up to 6,000 people per day are expected to visit the tower.

Tight security has been set-up on the tower with an extraordinary fire fighting system comprising two large water tanks located on the 84th floor which hold 1,200 tons of water. Four high-speed elevators carry visitors up to the viewing platforms at a speed of 10 metres per second.

(Hong Yin and David Keyton)

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