Asiad Torch Relay held in co-host city Shanwei

Updated:2017-10-20 22:08:09 Source: GAGOC

Shanwei, October 20 - The 16th Asian Games Torch Relay was held in Guangdong city Shanwei on Wednesday (October 20). Eighty torchbearers carried "The Tide" and ran an aggregate length of 8.4 kilometres.

A performance at the launch ceremony of the Torch Relay in Shanwei

The first torchbearer Wu Wutang, a 20-year-old sailor who will represent China in the 2010 Asian Games

The Torch Relay concludes in Shanwei as the flame is taken back into the safety lantern.

Shanwei is one of the three co-host cities of the 2010 Asian Games and will host the Games' Sailing events next month.

(Wang Lei)

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