3,989 medals to be awarded during the Games

Updated:2017-11-09 21:25:02 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, November 9 - The 16th Asian Games, part of the worldwide Olympic movement and governed by the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), will award 3,989 medals as Games officials detail the awards ceremony for 476 events.

The Asian Games Cultural Events Department & Sport Presentation and Award Ceremony Team hold a press conference at the Main Press Centre on Tuesday (November 9).

The Asian Games are the second largest sport sevent in the world after the Summer Olympic Games.

The medals for the 16th Asian Games take their theme from the ancient Silk Road and are a positive fusing of the Games and emblem of the OCA together with graphics depicting the Guangzhou city flower - Kapok. Featuring the OCA logo of the dancing dragon and soaring hawk, the medals also depict the OCA's shining sun visual effect through a bowstring grain design that expresses the core elements of the 16th Asian Games–the bright sun and the delicate Red Kapok flower.

Each of the award ceremony elements have been meticulously prepared to the finest details including all of the medals, certificates, flowers, awards platform, pallets and background boards used as well as specific sizes for each national flag, timed national anthems and opening award ceremony music.

The 16th Asian Games awards bouquet will consist mainly of gladiolus, red ear crown composition, plus crystal grass, blue leaf, turtle bamboo or golden bowl anise for accent decoration. There are 39 Asian Games ceremony work teams with 1,166 workers, 146 team workers, 380 awards etiquette staff, 250 flag-raising staff and 390 general volunteers.

Games organisers spent one year searching across China for the young ladies that would participate in the award ceremonies. The search committee travelled to more than 110 universities and ultimately selected 380 individuals to become official Asian Games awards etiquette volunteers.

The flag raising staff come from Guangdong Armed Police Department, Guangzhou military region and Hong Kong units. When the Asian Games begin, 380 awards etiquette and 250 flag-raising staff will work together to form 23 ceremony professional volunteer teams.

(Jeff Ruffolo)

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