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Join us in 'News Coverage Tour in Guangzhou by Media Friends'

Updated:2017-11-18 11:00:59 Source: GAGOC

Dear media friends,

To help you understand the economic and social development of Guangzhou and have a close contact with Guangzhou's local culture and city glamour, "News Coverage Tour in Guangzhou by Media Friends" is scheduled to be held on November 22 by the News and Publicity Department of Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

The route covers Guangzhou Tower, New Lizhiwan Stream, Outsourcing enterprises in Tianhe Software Park, Pearl River Night Cruise. You will learn more about Guangzhou's education, tourism, sewage treatment, foreign trade, etc.

You are welcome to join us. Please be waiting on the parking lot at the north entrance (Security Check Point 6) of MEV before 9:00am, Nov 22. Our bus will depart the MEV at 9:00am on time. You will be offered free lunch and supper.

From Nov 18, 2010, you may apply for the tour in three channels as follows:

1) News Desk in MPC (City News Coverage Registry)

2) Online Application Website: http://2010.gznews.gov.cn/cn1122/

3) Tel: 85506305, 85506300, 39131607, 39129421

The applicants are limited within 90 persons. The deadline is 16 hours ahead of departure time.

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