Everything copasetic at Guangzhou Asian Games Town

Updated:2017-11-20 23:30:12 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, November 20 - Chen Shaokang, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Deputy Chief of the Asian Games Town Leading Group reported that everything is copasetic and running smoothly.

A press conference on the operation of the Asian Games Town is held on Saturday (November 20).

Asian Games Town is comprised of seven main parts:

Athletes' Village

Technical Officials' Village

Media Village

Main Press Centre and International Broadcasting Centre (MPC, IBC)

Logistics and Services Zone

Venues Zone and

Beach Volleyball Venue

Chen reported that 24-hour attending services are being provided in Technical Officials' Village, Media Village and Athletes' Village. All athletes, trainers and team officials are being provided shift buses for competition, training and watching sport contests.

Up to November 19, the health clinic in Athletes' Village has received 1,376 person-time cases.

Medalists are receiving presents and congratulatory letters from the village head and for customers living in Asian Games Town, six sightseeing lines have been opened.

The MPC, which opened on November 1, has likewise been operating around the clock and the IBC (located in the same building) is working in good condition. No accidents have occurred in either facility since opening.

The Media Village is running well since the Asian Games inauguration and related service groups are providing the following services:

Registered media lodgings



Organised leisure activities

Translating and interpreting

Media workshops

First Aid and

Security services

(Edited by Jeff Ruffolo)

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