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Asian Games brings breakthrough for Guangzhou's urban planning

Updated:2017-11-15 10:08:36 Source: cntv.cn

Major breakthrough for ancient Guangzhou's urban construction

Twenty years ago, the Asian Games were hosted by China's capital Beijing, and an Asian Games Village was built in the city. This year, when the Asian Games arrived at China's southern economic centre Guangzhou, it gave rise to a new Asian Games Town.

Hosting the Asian Games is an opportunity for Guangzhou to remold itself thoroughly, and the practical Guangzhou people firmly seized this opportunity. Zhang Guangning, Member of the Standing Committee of Guangdong's Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of Guangzhou's Municipal Party Committee and the Executive Secretary of the 16th Asian Games Organising Committee, once said, "The most important thing is that we should not only hold a successful Asian Games, but also compensate for the historical deficiencies in Guangzhou's urban construction by seizing the opportunity of hosting the Asian Games."

Cai Yunnan, Vice Director of the Guangzhou Urban Planning and Design Survey Research Institute, has worked in Guangzhou for 10 years and witnessed a brand-new breakthrough of the city's urban construction during this opportunity of the Asian Games.

Opening remarks

The curtain for the Guangzhou Asian Games has been raised and the great feast for sports fans has started. For Guangzhou, the city of over 2,200 years old, the Asian Games is a great opportunity that can be recorded in history, and also an unprecedented development engine.

What has the Asian Games really brought to Guangzhou? What has Guangzhou prepared for the world? Being in this "most indistinct city", we are trying to find the answers. Please follow us and let's seek the answers together. In the end, you will find that the efforts of the Guangzhou people are not only for the Asian Games. Some changes have occurred in Guangzhou and changes will continue to spread.

Starting November 16, we will publish the "New Asian Games Engine" report series and show readers the delicate changes of Guangzhou which even the old locals of Guangzhou have probably not yet felt.

"The Haixinsha Island, where the Opening Ceremony of the Asian Games, was held a territory of our village in the past." Li Fangrong, Secretary of Liede Village's Party Committee said that many reporters had asked him about the "Liede Drum" square matrix consisting of 520 actors in the Opening Ceremony. "It was the 'Dragon Boat Drum' that all folks of Liede Village, the water town of Lingnan, are familiar with. We are so proud that the entire Asia has remembered Liede, our hometown."

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