A hundred Asian Games Ambassadors of Smiles released

Updated:2017-12-16 22:02:56 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, December 16 – The award ceremony of Ambassador of Smiles of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games and Asian Para Games, hosted by Guangzhou Asian Games & Asian Para Games Culture Promotion, Media & Volunteer Service Command Centre, and co-sponsored by Guangzhou Civic Enhancement Committee Office, Volunteers Department of Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games Organising Committee (GAGOC/GAPGOC), Guangzhou Communist Youth League Committee and Guangzhou Port Group, was held in the square of Dashatou Harbor in Guangzhou on Wednesday (December 15).

Xiang Dongsheng, Vice Chairman of China People’ Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Guangzhou Municipality, presents the prize-winners of Ambassadors of Smiles with the banner.

Posing for a group photo

Starting from November 15, the selection of Ambassadors of Smiles of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games & Asian Para Games has aroused huge public attention in Guangzhou, attracting a total number of more than 9,156,000 voters. After several rounds of voting and selection, 100 Ambassadors of Smiles from all walks of life were picked out finally.

Volunteers Department of GAPGOC Wang Huanqing told reporters that the campaign aims to encourage all Guangzhou people to participate in the Asian Games and Asian Para Games, creating a joyful atmosphere for friends from home and abroad as well as enhancing to a higher level the civilization of Guangzhou citizens.

"I hope my smiles can deliver the goodwill of all Guangzhou people to foreign guests from all around Asia.” said Wu Yi, the prize-winner of Ambassador of Smiles remarked as a representative.

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