The Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC) is an independent corporate body. It was established with the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Its functions are to - 1. Be responsible for the organisation and staging of the 16th Asian Games; 2. Determine the important issues related to organising the 16th Asian Games; 3. Set out and implement preparations for the Games in separate phrases; 4. Supervise and evaluate progress and performance of projects and work teams at each stage of preparations; 5. Recruit, manage and train the Games workforce, including volunteers; [Full story]
Mission:Carry forward the Olympic spirit and promote the Olympic Movement in Asia; enhance solidarity, friendship and exchanges among Asian countries and regions, and contribute to the establishment of a harmonious Asia.
Vision:Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia



Asian Games Supervision


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