Public bicycle initiative kicks off in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou launched its public bicycle initiative on June 22, providing rental bicycles at 18 locations along the BRT route from Huajing New Town to Keyun Lu. Local residents can pay rentals with their "Yongcheng Tong" e-payment cards, while visitors with valid identification papers can rent a bicycle by depositing 300 yuan into a "member service card". A bicycle rented can be returned to any of the 18 locations.

Bicycles for rent

Citizens using the public bicycles

Under the existing plan, 50 bicycle stands will be built along the BRT route on Zhongshan Dadao. The stands will be able to hold 4,840 bicycles. By the end of October, the number of rental bicycles will be increased to 10,000.

The 18 bicycle rental venues include Tanran Courtyard, Huajing New Town bus terminus, Qinfu Jiayuan Garden, Fenghua Garden, Canada Garden, Huajing New Town, Oriental New World, Provincial Postal School, Donghui Garden, Huajian Building, Shangshe, Idealist Youth Camp, No. 112 Middle School, North Gates A and B at Tianhe Park, West Gate at Tianhe Park, Tianhe District Government compound, and Information Institute.

Deposits cards are available at four locations: the Huajing New Town, Oriental New World, Shangshe, and North Gate A at Tianhe Park. Initial registration can only be made at any of the four locations, but rental bicycles are available at all 18 locations.

No charge for use of less than an hour; one yuan for one to two hours; two yuan for two to three hours; three yuan per hour for more than three hours (any part of an hour will be counted as a full hour); 30 yuan for 24 hours. Use of more than 12 hours but less than 24 hours will be charged as 24 hours.

Rental service is available 24 hours a day.

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