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Notice: Guangzhou Online News Centre is launched

Updated:2017-11-18 11:08:33 Source: GAGOC

Dear media friends,

We have created a network system for the Guangzhou News Centre to provide better online interview services during the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Para Games. The system has been launched and we welcome all of you to log in. Here below are the details:

1. The website of the Guangzhou News Centre is http://www.dayoo.com/newscenter, you could also access to the front page of www.dayoo.com and log on the system.

2. How to name your account?

Your English name on your certificate plus the latest three digits of your registered number.

For example, your English name is Jack, and your registered number is 123456, and then your account shall be Jake456. Both capitals and unicases in English are available.

Type your account name and password, and click "log in".

3. The system is focusing on all the online interviews on city's construction and society rather than Asiad events during the Games for the Chinese and foreign journalists, such as city's infrastructure and water treatment.

4. If you had any question on operation after logging on the system, please click "guideline" for help.

Guangzhou Online News Centre

November 8, 2010

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