Alex Hua Tian: Guangzhou Asian Games promotion underway

Updated:2017-11-22 16:30:05 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, November 10 - Alex Hua Tian, an Olympic Equestrian athlete of China, accepted an interview from the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games on November 10, talking about his Equestrian life and sport goals in the coming years.

Alex Hua Tian during the interview

Guangzhou Asian Games promotion

Although Alex cannot take part in the 16th Asian Games due to the horse degree issue, he is chosen to be a Promotion Ambassador for the Games. During the interview, he indicated that he does not mind that he is not able to participate in the Games since there are lots of other ways for him to promote the event. He said it is an ideal opportunity for Guangzhou to showcase itself to the world through the Asian Games.

"With my sports image being so international, I can help do that," said Alex with much confidence.

Preparation for the London 2012 Olympics

Alex is now busy preparing for the London 2010 Olympic Games. As he said in the interview, the Games will play an important role in his competition life. He said the qualifications for London will start in January 2011. "For me, the first thing is to qualify (for the Games)."

He also confessed that after competing in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, he got enough experience in Olympics. However, he cannot tell the specific goals for the London Games because "horses are fragile things" and he wants to participate in the Games without risking too much injury.

Confidence in Equestrian in Asia

Talking about Equestrian in Asia, Alex looked very confident. He pointed out frankly that Equestrian is still a minor sport in China and many other Asian countries and regions, compared with its popularity in Europe, adding that lots of catch-up is needed for the Asia. Instead of training, Alex said the most important thing in Equestrian is the relationship between the rider and the horse.

On the other hand, Alex is convinced that Equestrian will be advanced quite quickly in Asia if "with right guidance, right people's help and lots of encouragement, lots of motivation, lots of keen young riders".

(Zeng Zheng)

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