Asian Games Youth Camp unite for a green Asian Games

Updated:2017-11-23 18:18:07 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, November 23 - A total number of 141 members of the 16th  Asian Games Youth Camp and NOC officials from 20 countries and regions planted 80 trees together on November 19 as an "Asian Youth Friendship Woods" which implies cheerful gathering, solidarity and harmony among Asian youths.

Officiating guests were Manuel Silverio, Chairman of OCA Media Committee; Yang Guoquan, Deputy Director of Forestry Administration and Bureau of Urban Utilities and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality; Feng Huiguang, Venue Director of the 16th Asian Games Youth Camp; and Peng Chenyi, Deputy Inspector of the Ceremonies & Cultural Events Department under the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC); as well as officials from National Olympic Committees (NOC) of 20 countries and regions.

At the tree-planting event

Manuel Silverio and Feng Huiguang unveiled the monument of this event together.

In his speech, Yang Guoquan said that the "Asian Games Friendship Woods" event extended the welcome of Chinese government and people to Asian youths and showcased sincere wishes of Asian youths towards the Guangzhou Asian Games. He also said: "I hope the activity can enhance the awareness of the youth to protect environment and inject vigour into a green Asian Games."

After the opening ceremony, NOC officials and campers from their countries/regions respectively planted saplings together, sowing the seeds of friendship on the soil of Guangzhou city. According to staff from Forestry Administration and Bureau of Urban Utilities and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality, trees planted included Adenanthera pavonia, a symbol of friendship, and Heritiera parvifolia, which is an evergreen tree, standing for the friendship between China and all Asian countries and regions will last forever.

During the planting activity, Kenneth Fok, an official from the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, thoughtfully asked campers from Hong Kong, China their daily life in the Youth Camp and claimed this planting activity as a chance to show their team spirit. Lee Minghui, a camper from Hong Kong, China said she felt it fortunate for her to have the chance of planting trees with Mr Fok and hoped the sapling which she considered as the hope of young athletes from Hong Kong, China would grow well.

"Asian Games Friendship Woods", which witnesses the friendships between the campers, is a symbol of the Asian youngsters' hopes. "Through planting trees, we give our best wishes to the Asian Games and the Youth Camp. Then we will take the hope of future and sincere friendships we made here back to our countries/regions," said members of the 16th Asian Games Youth Camp.

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