Korean mother-to-be shooter shares her passion in shooting

Updated:2017-11-24 20:23:40 Source: GAGOC

Gim Yunmi, a legendary shooter from Korea, accepted an interview from the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games, after the eight-month pregnant shooter won gold medals in the ongoing Guangzhou Asian Games.

Gim Yunmi poses after the interview from the Official Website of the 16th Asian Games.

Facing the journalist, Gim Yunmi couldn't help holding her smile, since the gold medals are meaningful to her. "They are not just my gold medals. They belong to my baby, too", she said.

She confessed that there were some difficulties for a pregnant woman to prepare for the Asian Games. "Especially when the sport is shooting", said the mother-to-be, "I was afraid that the noise would scare my baby. However, I couldn't give up the competition anyway." Gim Yunmi said she insisted on training as her teammates did before the Games. "My training time may be a little bit shorter than theirs, but the important thing is, I never stop training."

"I always talk to my baby, so I think he knows what I'm thinking," Gim said with a mother-look smile, "I think he can feel the desire that I really want a good performance in the Asian Games."

Heared about that many people call her "Asian Hero" after the competition, Gim said, "I appreciate that. But I don't consider myself being a hero, for the things I have done is something normal for a professional athlete." She also indicated that she will not give up her career as a professional shooter.

"After having the baby, my next goal will be the 2012 London Olympics."

(Zeng Zheng)

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