Sports culture and technology together make a better life

Updated:2017-11-24 20:31:20 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, November 24 - A Culture & Technology Day for the Asian Games Media was co-hosted by the Ceremonies & Cultural Events Department of the Guangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (GAGOC) and Games Partner TCL Corporation in the Hongcheng Plaza on Wednesday afternoon.

Cultural shows staged in the Hongcheng Plaza during the event

Cultural shows staged in the Hongcheng Plaza during the event

The Culture & Technology Theme Zone of the Hongcheng Plaza is not only an important cultural and technological venue for the Guangzhou Asian Games on the new central axis of Guangzhou city, but also the only cultural and technological theme park during Games-time. A lot of wonderful cultural, technological and recreational performances will be presented here to the public as the Guangzhou Asian Games are ongoing around the city.

The Culture & Technology Theme Zone aims to serve the public and invite them join to enjoy the Guangzhou Asian Games. Citizens can go to the stadiums for the matches during the day and enjoy the cultural and technological shows selected from all over the country in the afternoon and evening.

As a Partner of the Guangzhou Asian Games and a local enterprise, TCL has offered substantial support through funding, technical support and services. TCl will take this opportunity to present the Chinese culture and Lingnan culture to people all over the world.

Moreover, 13 folk artists and crafts masters of national-level and provincial-level presented their arts and crafts works to GAGOC at the event to show their enthusiasm and best wishes for the November 12 - 27 Games.

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