Games ceremonial volunteers show elegance at Asian Games

Updated:2017-11-25 17:47:03 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, November 25 - A press conference concerning ceremonial volunteers was held at the Main Press Centre in Asian Games Town on Thursday.

Wu Chaogang, Deputy Director of Sports Presentation & Victory Ceremony Team under the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee (GAGOC), and Fan Jingli, specially-appointed Professorfor award ceremonies presented three volunteers representatives: Ma Jing, Lin Wenchen and Ding Ling.

At the press conference

At the 16th Asian Games, ceremonial volunteers participated in the award ceremonies with their friendly smiles portraying stylish elegance. By November 24, 380 ceremonial volunteers had completed 384 award ceremonies in 12 Games days with 2,971 medals presented.

Games ceremonial volunteers present at the press event.

Wu said that ceremonial volunteers were more than beautiful scenery; they were essential strength for the Asian Games award ceremonies. According to Wu, "They need to get to the venues four hours earlier than the first award ceremony every day to make sure the preparations of make-up and rehearsal done. They often need to reach early in the morning and leave late at night and sometimes they need to stand below the strong sunshine for more than half an hour."

Wu also appreciated their graceful appearances and friendly smiles.

"Their elegant qualities, standard operations and gentle attitude fully show Cantonese culture and Chinese etiquette, they are the best representatives of cultural image of Guangzhou," said Wu.

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