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Wei: Satisfaction is the key to successful Games

Updated:2017-11-28 03:06:05 Source: ocasia.org

Guangzhou, November 27 - Veteran Chinese sports leader Wei Jizhong believes the success of a multi-sports event can be judged by the satisfaction of the participants. With this in mind, and the positive response from all concerned, he described the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou as "perfect" during a closing day press conference on Saturday.

Wei, President of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and Honourary Life Vice President of the OCA, has been involved in the organisation of the past six Asian Games dating back to Beijing 1990.

The fact that the Guangzhou Asian Games was the largest in history demonstrated how much the OCA and the Asian Games was "developing, growing and reaching a higher and higher level," he said.

"This time, not only the host won a lot of medals but all the participating NOCs shared medals. I can say now that 80 per cent of the participating NOCs got medals, better than the statistics in Doha in 2006. This means the OCA goal to share the medals has been reached."

Wei, formerly the Chairman of the OCA Sports Committee, said each Asian Games had its own specific features and left its own legacy, leading future organisers to create their own stamp in history.

Looking back on the 16th Asian Games, Wei said the measure of success was the level of satisfaction of all participants, including athletes, officials and mass media.

"They are all satisfied; all the Guangzhou people enjoyed the Games and are satisfied; the government, from the central government to the provincial government to the municipal government, are satisfied. If all the people in the Games are satisfied, that means the Games is perfect!"

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