Celebrate Guangzhou Asian Games with favourite stars via DIY stamps

Updated:2017-12-15 20:32:58 Source: GAGOC

Guangzhou, December 15 – A series of Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games commemorative stamps in the theme of "Starsand I - Everyone DIY" are now available to the public in Guangdong Province.

The commemorative stamp

The commemorative stamp

People could customise their own unique Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games commemorative stamps by putting images of themselves and their favourite stars together on stamps via internet or at all postal and philatelic offices in Guangdong Province.

According to Guangdong Philately Company, people can choose to print their own images and their favorite stars' images together on these stamps. The stamps have eight in one set, including four with stars images and four with customers' own favourite images.

There are ten stars' images in all for choices, and now five of them have been already available for people to choose to DIY stamps, including famouse singers Mao Amin, Sun Nan, Tan Jing, Han Geng and Guang Liang.

The designer of these stamps Guo Chenghui told reporters that his design intends to bring the stamp collectors and fans closer to their idols in this way and celebrate the thrilling Asian Games at the meantime.

For convenience, people can also click into http://www.uudiy.com/star to customise stamps.

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